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But new traditions have begun. During the holiday season, the Clarks now schedule a vacation. "Anywhere that has a beach," Raina said. "It has to have a beach." This year, they're going to a little island off of Cancun, where they'll rent a house on the water and follow their new ritual: Find a pink island flower, walk to the shoreline, say a prayer for Hanna and toss the flower in the ocean. Raina learned years ago at her grieving support group that the grief would never go away, that it would be a second job, something she would need to learn how to manage. This year she was finally able to shop alone at Wal-Mart. She avoids her triggers, like scrolling through Facebook and seeing photos of Hanna's friends growing up. She tells other mothers who've lost their daughters: You must be able to talk about it. Keep their memory alive.

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Prior to filing your claim it is vital that you have checked your insurance policy to ensure that you know the extent of your coverage. Do they REALLY charge lower fees? Do the “Private” lawyer referral services on TV have any responsibility to you? Insurance companies may also pay for an attorney, if necessary, although clients do not usually get to choose their own attorney. This will inform you as to whether or not the insurers will pay for a replacement vehicle, if necessary, whether they will pay your medical expenses dependent on state laws, and the extent of the information you will need to disclose to them in relation to your employment and medical histories. With qualified personal injury lawyers by your side, you will never have to worry about liability charges, fraud or being wrongfully accused. Read more Car Crashes Cost More than $99 Billion Article written by Lawyerscomsm Car accidents are an unfortunate fact of life. Each state has slightly different rules for situations in which there is more than one person responsible for the crash. Who are the lawyers they refer people to? Because we specialize in car accident and injury cases. Fortunately, most people do not pay all the damages stemming from a collision out-of-pocket. Do You Need Your Own Lawyer When the Other Driver Is at Fault?

Read more WE SUE DRUNK DRIVERS! Read more States Vary in Their Requirements for Auto Accident Suits Article written by Lawyerscomsm Auto accidents often result in personal injuries and lead to lawsuits for loss, pain, and suffering. Are you unsure about your legal rights and options? When you call us, you will be able to speak with Robert Koenig or Bryan Nguyen personally. It could be a minor fender bender, or, sometimes, a Seri ...